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              $229                                              $329                                           $279                      $379

              VALENCIA VC504                                   VALENCIA VC504CE                                VALENCIA VC604            VALENCIA VC604CE
              500 Series Full                                  500 Series Full Size                            600 Series Full Size      600 Series Full Size
              Size Classical                                   Acoustic Electric                               Classical Guitar          Acoustic Electric
              Guitar                                           Classical Guitar                                                          Classical Guitar
                                                                                                               Select Spruce Top,
              Select Spruce Top,                               Select Spruce Top, Sapele                       Rosewood Back and         Select Spruce Top,
              Sapele Back and Sides,                           Back and Sides, Gloss                           Sides, Gloss Finish       Rosewood Back and Sides,
              Gloss Finish                                     Finish. Cutaway with                                                      Gloss Finish. Cutaway with
                                                               pickup and built-in tuner                       ALSO AVAILABLE:           pickup and built-in tuner
              ALSO AVAILABLE:                                                                                  left Hand &
              Left Hand                                        ALSO AVAILABLE:                                                           ALSO AVAILABLE:
                                                               without pickup                                  3/4 size $269             without pickup

                                                               $249                                                                      $299

                           A FREE Valencia UPlay Guitar Guide Booklet with FREE access to online lessons at
                             is supplied with all VALENCIA GUITARS.

                          $125 $159 $329

                          REDDING RPK1                                                    GYPSY ROSE GRC1KPUB                                   LAG OC44
                          Thin Neck Nylon                                                 Classical Guitar Pack                                 Occitania 44
                          String Guitar Pack                                I7 8                                                                Series classical
                                                                                          7/8 Size with Bag                                     Guitar Pack

                          125ALSO AVAILABLE:$                               SIZE                                                                      includes
                          Left Hand Natural                                                                                                             footstool
                          99Guitar Only RTn44 $
                          includes    COLOURS ALSO AVAILABLE:                             includes             COLOUR ALSO
                           bag                                                                                 AVAILABLE:                XTREME TB305C
                           tuner                                                          gig bag                                        Classical
                           guitar                                                                                                        Guitar Bag
                           guide                                                          DVD & Web
                           free                                                           Membership                                     ALSO AVAILABLE
                           online                                                         sticker                                        in 1/4, 1/2, 3/4,
                           lessons                                                        sheet                                          Bass, Electric
                                                                                                                                         & Western
 BAGINCLUDES                                                   BAGINCLUDES                                                  BAGINCLUDES

$12.95                    $12.95                                    HOT                               GREAT
                                                                   PRICE                              GIFT

JIM DUNLOP DCP7           XTREME T411                          CHERUB WST640C                         VALENCIA VGS15
Classical Guitar Strings  Guitar Footstool                     Chromatic Clip On tuner                Guitar Stand
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