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$&2867,&*8,7$56	$&&(6625,(6                                                                                                                               $199

             $159 $159 $199 $199                                                                                                                              REDDING RED50PK
          REDDING RED50            REDDING RGC51                     REDDING RED34E                   REDDING RED512                                          Acoustic Guitar
          Dreadnought              Grand Concert                                                      12 String                                               Pack
          Acoustic Guitar          Acoustic Guitar                   3/4 Size Acoustic                Acoustic Guitar
                                                                                                                                                              COLOURS ALSO AVAILABLE:
          Spruce Top               Spruce Top                        electric Guitar                  Spruce Top
          ALSO AVAILABLE:          ALSO AVAILABLE:                                                    ALSO AVAILABLE:                                                includes
          Left Hand Tobacco        Left Hand natural &               Spruce Top With Pickup           with Pickup $249                                                  gig bag
          Sunburst $169            Tobacco Sunburst $169                                                                                                                tuner
                                                                     ALSO AVAILABLE:          12      COLOUR ALSO AVAILABLE:                                            strap
          COLOURS ALSO AVAILABLE:  COLOURS ALSO AVAILABLE:           without pick up $149
                                                                     COLOURS ALSO AVAILABLE:

                                                             3I 4


          $219                      $219                             $249                             $279 $395

          REDDING RED50CE          REDDING RGC51CE                   REDDING RTO72                    REDDING RGC61CENS                             TSOOLPID  SILVERTONE 710NA
          Dreadnought              Grand Concert                     000 Acoustic                     Grand Concert                                           Dreadnought
          Acoustic Electric        Acoustic Electric                 Guitar                           Acoustic                                                Acoustic Guitar
          Guitar                   Guitar                                                             Electric Guitar
                                                                     Cedar Top                                                                                Solid Engelmann
          Spruce Top with          Spruce Top with                   ALSO AVAILABLE:                  Spruce Top with                                         Spruce Top
          Cutaway and Pickup       Cutaway and Pickup                With Cutaway                     Cutaway and Pickup
          ALSO AVAILABLE:                                            & Pickup $299                                                                            ALSO AVAILABLE:
          Left Hand natural         COLOURS ALSO AVAILABLE:                                           ALSO AVAILABLE:                                         orchestra
          COLOUR ALSO AVAILABLE:                                                                      With No Cutaway

                                                                                                      or Pickup $229

$109      $18.95                   GREAT                             $39.95                           $29.95                                        HOT
                                   VALUE                                                                                                            PICK
DIMARZIO  DUNLOP DAP11                                                                                              XTREME TB310W
          Acoustic Guitar Strings  BRYDEN M45                        JIM DUNLOP                                    Western                          V-CASE HC1005
DP130                              Harmonica Available in all keys.                                                Guitar Bag                       Acoustic Guitar Case
Acoustic                                                                                                              Also Available:
Contact                                                              Acoustic                                            Classical , ¾,
Pickup                                                                                                                   ½, Bass, Electric.
                                                                     Trigger Capo Also Available:
                                                                                                                              Guitar not included.
                                                                     Black, smoked chrome or gold.
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