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Amplifying Musician’s Desires Since 1967

Lyndon Laney’s passion for music-making developed as a bass player in the vibrant UK music scene in the mid-1960s. As a resident of Great Barr in the West Midlands, Lyndon found himself gigging in several bands, most noteworthy of which being “The Band of Joy” featuring John Bonham on drums and Robert Plant on vocals. […]

In Memory Of Remo D Belli 1927 – 2016

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Remo D Belli, our beloved founder and leader. An innovator, pioneer and icon of the world of percussion, he was an inspiration to us all for breaking new ground and making a difference in the world. Remo was a visionary. In 1957, he invented […]

Exciting New Laney Artist Signings

LANEY SIGNS……. BASS LEGEND GARRY GARY BEERS FROM INXS ……. “I have been playing professionally since the late 70’s and I have  played pretty much every bass rig made in my constant search for the perfect system for my sound…….then I discovered Laney! There is much more to learn about Garry Gary Beers, including his […]

#LIVETOPLAY – Join the Movement

How Do You #LiveToPlay? Show the world what being a drummer is all about. Share your passion with #LiveToPlay on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We’ll share our favorite photos, videos and tweets with the drumming community. This is not a hobby. It’s a way of life. Making music is the greatest feeling in the world. […]

Tony Iommi Limited Edition “The End” Stacks

It started with Laney, it ends with Laney! Laney Amplification and Black Sabbath’s own Tony Iommi have come together to commemorate the end of an era with something very special indeed! 24 uniquely numbered TI100 signature stacks personally played and signed by the man himself! Also included are x5 commemorative postcards, a poster and an official certificate […]

Vic Firth Sound Choices

Sound Choices… infinite possibilities As drummers ourselves, we’re constantly striving to find ways to create fresh sounds and take our music to new places. That’s why at Vic Firth, we make a huge array of sticks, mallets and other implements — each designed to help you deliver all those cool sounds that are in YOUR […]

Reduced Volume Drumming

Gen16 combines acoustic and electric components to create a new approach to cymbals. The cymbals are the acoustic portion of the mix – they’re no different from any other Zildjian cymbals except that they’ve had some of their mass removed to reduce their volume by 60% to 70%.  This make them ideal for low volume […]

NEW Carlsbro 5 Piece Electronic Drum Kit

CARLSBRO CSD130 5 PIECE ELECTRONIC DRUM KIT SOUND MODULE Digitron Display 250 high quality percussion voices 20 preset drum kits 10 user defined drums kits 20 demo songs Aux in jack, Line output, Headphone output USB interface (USB to device), MIDI IN/OUT Recording and playback facility Adjustable sensitivity Adjustable crosstalk Trigger curve settings, Metronome, Reverb […]

The Nu-X Mighty 8SE Amp Packs a Punch and is Great for Busking!

8 watt battery powered busker guitar amplifier. 6.5″ high quality speaker. 6 tube amp overdrive simulations – Blues, Crunch, British, Classic, Solo and Metal. It also includes a ‘Flat’ channel for microphone /vocals. 6 selectable 32 bit DSP effects – chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo, tap delay and reverb. DSP effects, delay and reverb can be […]

ZBT Starter Box Set

The ZBT Starter Box Set features a bright, intense sound that cuts through the mix. This pack includes 13” ZBT HiHats, a 18” ZBT Crash Ride, and an added value 14” ZBT Crash. This Pre-Matched SetUp Features: 18″ ZBT Crash Ride 13″ ZBT HiHats 14″ ZBT Crash – Value Added